• How does the Georgia Private School Tax Credit program work?

    In one word, this program offers you the power of “choice”:

    • The choice of where your taxes go
    • The choice of where your child goes to school (i.e. receiving scholarships)

    As a Georgia resident, you pay Georgia taxes every year. This program allows you to direct those taxes to this program so that deserving students (including yours) can receive scholarships to eligible K-12 private schools.

  • I have heard about this program, but I always thought the program was only about giving taxes. Are you saying that I can receive a benefit from this program?

    Yes, the purpose of the program is to give GA residents/students the “choice” to attend a private school of their choice. The program offers scholarships to those who decide an eligible private school is the best for them. Directing your taxes to this program allows the funds the program to offer scholarships, but you can also apply and are eligible to receive a scholarship.

  • How does it benefit me?

    The Georgia Bright Futures Foundation as an SSO can award scholarships. The more donations that are made to us, the more scholarships we can offer to children such as yours.

  • What is the Georgia Bright Futures Foundation?

    The Georgia Bright Futures Foundation Inc is a non-profit corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia; is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization; and is recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as a qualified student scholarship organization (SSO) under Georgia law.

    What this means is that we are authorized to accept your tax donations as well as award scholarships.

  • Which schools does the Georgia Bright Futures Foundation work with?

    As an SSO we work with all eligible schools in the area. We are authorized to accept tax donations and award scholarships from these funds.

  • Can I donate taxes directly to a school?

    No, the Georgia Department of Revenue requires all tax donations to be made by a designated non-profit organization such as Georgia Bright Futures Foundation.

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