sponsor a child at no cost to you

Here’s how…

The Georgia Private School Tax Credit law was passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2008 and was signed into law by Governor Sonny Perdue on May 14, 2008. This law allows Georgia tax payers (individuals and businesses):

  • To redirect their state tax liabilities to fund tuition scholarships for children who desire to attend eligible Georgia private K-12 schools
  • Allows children (like yours) to apply for a scholarship to attend eligible schools
In short, you choose where your taxes go.

For every dollar that a Georgia taxpayer (individual and businesses) donates to this program, they receive a dollar-for-dollar credit. Yes, a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

To streamline the process, the program allows non-profits 501(c)(3) organizations to manage the scholarship program. These organizations are referred to as Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO). The Georgia Bright Futures Foundation is one of a handful of non-profit organizations that are registered with the Georgia Department of Education and work with the Georgia Department of Revenue to provide this vital service to Georgians.

For more details visit the Georgia Department of Education’s website .